Audio Book Rental Clubs Review – Getting Your Membership Started

Do you love books but somehow never have the time to sit down and read them? The introduction of audio book rental clubs means that there are no more excuses – you can listen to your favorite novel and still perform the other million necessities that are required in your busy life. There are many clubs to choose from so it is advised that before you jump in and sign up you should do your own mini audio book club review. Most clubs will provide you with a free section whereby you can listen to a novel and sample the style of audio that is on offer. After you have sampled the audios from a few different clubs your next logical step is to select the one that best suits your needs and sign up for a formal membership.

There are usually two types of audio book clubs; The first offers the option of choosing your preferred format and physically renting the audio book, or secondly you can listen to the download through the internet. You decide whether you wish to keep the book, or simply rent it for the set period of time (which is obviously the cheaper option). For the busy lifestyle that we lead today these clubs are fast becoming an invaluable resource. If you listen to an audio book at least once a day then this is usually a good indicator that you are ready to take the plunge and join an audio book rental club.

Which One Is Right For You?

By understanding your audio book needs, requirements and habits you will be better equipped to choose the audio book rental clubs that are right for you. Once you are armed with this information then seek out the club or clubs which best suit your needs. Over the past couple of years there has been an enormous amount of money spent on developing this industry and both the audio book download and rental services have become indistinguishable from each other, with both services offering what the other offers.

The customers of the audio book rental clubs have, over time, become more discerning about the service that they require and would prefer to have the freedom of either renting books, or perhaps buying the download to add to a collection. When these clubs were originally formed there was a restriction of choosing one of the other, however, this is no longer the case. When choosing which club you are going to join it is important that you firstly consider how you view audio books – are you looking to add to your collection or simply wanting a one-off rental.

The audio book clubs are the perfect choice if you wish to start a collection. If you’re always on the road or prefer to not collect things, then renting out would be your best option. Either service can give you the option to buy or rent so the next things that you need to take into consideration would be the regularity that you intend to listen to your audio books.

There are rental clubs that offer packages based on your listening habits. These plans tend to offer a degree of flexibility so you are not locked into a subscription that is no longer suitable for your needs. There are plans that even reward you if you rent or download more books than what is specified in your agreement. Great savings can be made with these rewards and are usually in the form of a rebate or a price reduction on future purchases.

Pricing should also be seriously considered when you are researching and performing your audio book clubs review. The price to rent an audio book is usually slightly cheaper than the download option and varies depending on which club you join. Take all these things into consideration before committing to a particular audio book rental club, that way you will be happy with your commitment and your listening experience will be much more enjoyable.