Boat rental the most common boat types

Renting a boat. It seems very easy. Yet the huge choice makes it often difficult. There are countless different rental companies, boat types and rental structures. How to make the right choice? It is impossible to cover all the possibilities in one article. Therefore we focus in this article on the most common boat types. Knowing which boat to rent, makes it easier to pick the right rental company.? ?

1. Canoes, kayaks and rowboats? Small boats such as canoes, kayaks and rowboats are by far the most rented boats. The rental period often covers only a few hours or a half day.

2. Cabin Motor Yachts ? Rental prices for motor yachts are often quite high. These boat types are therefore popular by the wealthy people among us. Within this category the so called classics (often a large and slow boat with a small cabin) and fast motor yachts can be distinguished. These boats are often found in the famous jet set destinations. The rental period often covers a longer period (days or weeks).? ?

3 . Open Motor Boats? The famous speedboat falls within this category. Its ‘slower cousin’ the pontoon boat also belongs to the open motorboats. The so-called RIBs (guaranteed wet clothes) falls into this category too.? ?

4 . Cabin Sailboats ?Cabin sailing boats guarantee a perfect boating experience. Within this category touring yachts, racing yachts, daysailers, classics and motorsailers can be distinguished. ?

5 . Open sailboats ?Within this category keel boats and so called dinghies can be distinguished. For sporty people with sailing experience this type of boat is definitely recommended.? ?

6 . Multihulls? Last, but certainly not least, the multihulls . The well-known catamaran falls within this category. This type of boat can reach an unprecedented speed. The spectacular ‘trimarans’ also belong to the multihulls.

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