Cheap Auto Rental Information

This article contains some tips and information on how to obtain the best deals possible when you are looking for a cheap auto rental.


1. Check the phone directory or the internet and select three or four car rental companies that offer vehicles and services that are appropriate for your needs. You should search thoroughly so that you do not miss out any potential car rental companies that might have better cheap auto rental offers than the ones you chose.

2. Call or e-mail the company and inquire about special cheap auto rental offers, vehicle availability, pickup and drop off sites, rental rates, insurance, and anything else that you might possibly wish to know or that might help you lower the amount that you will eventually pay for your rental car.

3. Select a pickup point that is near your location so that you do not have to travel a great distance to obtain your car. Alternatively, some car rental companies will pay for your cab ride to their location or deliver the car to your home or the airport.

4. Try to find a car that will suit all your needs, such as being able to fit all your passengers comfortably. If you are traveling alone, then you should rent a smaller car, as car rental companies tend to charge more for larger vehicles.

5. You should also remember to reserve the car that you have selected, so that no one else rents it before you do. Some car rental companies include the reservation fee in the rental fees while others do not, so you should pay attention to this detail.


Here are several tips with regard to finding the best cheap auto rental deals when renting a car.

1. When you rent a car you should check if there are free upgrades available as you want to land the best deal possible. If not, you should go to the rental company early to pick up your car as chances will be higher of the car you reserved not having been returned yet an the company will have no choice but to give you a free upgrade to a better car.

2. Internet car rental companies often provide the best possible discounts and deals. Some websites will even search for a car that fits your budget and needs, so you do not even have to search for your rental car yourself. You will be able to make all the necessary arrangements without even leaving your house once.

3. You should fill the tank with gas before you return the car as car rental companies will charge you higher prices for the gas needed to fill the tank than petrol companies would.

4. Search for packages that include car rentals, air tickets and accommodations. These packages offer large discounts on car rental prices and also save you the trouble of obtaining air tickets and accommodations separately.

5. If your frequent flyer miles are about to expire, some car rental companies will accept your frequent flyer miles in return for discounts on cheap auto rentals. While car rentals are hardly as expensive as the air tickets that can be obtained with your flyer discounts, if you have no other use for them you should simply use them to make your car rental less expensive.

The tips mentioned so far are only a few of the ways in which you can get cheap auto rentals at better prices and you should never hesitate to ask your car rental company for any available ways to make your car rental less expensive.