Choosing Car Rental Services

Nearly every adult who drives on a regular basis will likely be in need of car rental services at some point in their life. Whether you are going for business or pleasure or need a group of wheels to get you where you are going while your own vehicle is being repaired, rental car services can easily come in handy.

There are many options with regards to picking out a car rental service and it starts with choosing from a national chain and a local company or car dealer. There are many benefits of going with a major car rental company including many office locations, excellent support services, customer loyalty programs and overall convenience. One area where local companies often beat the big guys, however, is in their ability to provide better rates on long-term rentals.

You will find that weekend rates are typically less expensive than weekdays and also the savings can be up to 50 percent or more. Another guideline is the earlier you book your reservation, the better the speed.

Rental car services will frequently provide you with a free upgrade for a larger vehicle. This is not a good deal if you can’t really make use of the space and also you only booked small car to obtain a more affordable rate. You will end up spending more income on fuel than your free upgrade was worth, otherwise.

Your particular needs will dictate the kind of car that you rent and many rental car services today offer a full-range of vehicles from compact cars to sport coupes to sedans. You can even rent larger vehicles like SUVs and moving vans

Car rental services provides you with two options with regards to fueling the automobile. The greater choice as far as prices are concerned is for you to definitely agree to return the automobile having a full tank of gas. This means you need to refuel the car right before you return it and that might not be possible if you are on a very tight schedule. The 2nd choice is to pay ahead of time for a full tank of gas. This will permit you to return the car less than full and save you the hassle of that eleventh hour visit to the service station. The downside is you will pay for that convenience in a higher per gallon fuel rate and when you don’t use all the gas, you lose out on getting the full value of your purchase.

Insurance coverage is something that you will need to take into account when dealing with rental car services. A collision damage waiver, or CDW, covers you to have an accident while a loss damage waiver, or LDW, protects the rental company against loss. Before accepting either one, ensure that the coverage is not already as part of your personal insurance policy. Sometimes, this type of insurance is going to be covered by the credit card that you use to pay for the service.

Make sure you do your homework before you make your final decision as well as your rental car experience will be both successful and enjoyable.