I Have A Restricted License, Can I Still Get A Car Hire

In reality there are many car rental companies that rent to people who are driving on a restricted license. Of course, the limited license should be valid and should not be suspended or revoked, these are things that rental agencies can not overlook. You must be prepared to present the original license, a credit card in your name, so as to be above the minimum age for rental is usually 25 years. You should not groped to submit a photocopy of the license, permit a student, or an expired license at the rental desk vehicles like this almost guarantee that a vehicle will be declined.

Head to the vehicle rental counter and present your valid driver’s license and major credit card understanding that they may or may not run a DMV check to check your driving history. Do not mention this to them just allow them to go through the process. Many companies actually don’t check a driver’s record before renting them a vehicle. And there are different levels of restrictions including an occupational driver’s license which is usually one that applies to those who have had several DUI’s. Each company will handle these issues in their own way.

Read the rental vehicle carefully, especially when they ask what kind of driving that is used to rent the vehicle and also if you have any convictions or moving violations in a given period of time. Do not lie about this contract, answer all questions honestly, because if you do not and you rent the car and something happens then you will be responsible for lying on a contract that makes the entire contract null and void.

Of course, there are no guarantees that you will be able to pull off a rental with a limited license, however, since most companies have strict rules about this kind of vacation you could just go on without a hitch. In both cases it is important to have a backup plan just in case.

It is not advisable to raise this issue at the time of booking, as you may be a red flag to something that could fairly easily be overlooked. Sure, no leasing company to rent to someone with a license that was revoked or suspended so it is not worth trying this type of tenancy. Some things can not easily be overlooked.