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Strangely overlooked as a tourist destination, Romania is one of the few countries of the old continent that is still able to offer to those who visit authentic scenarios, virgin landscapes, the beauty of nature decantabile difficult to put into words. And while Bucharest is talked about as a cultural center, a treasure trove of treasures from across the country, Bacau, Baia Mare, Cluj-Napoca and other centers around the countryside have an authenticity that really leaves you breathless.

Other enclaves must-see during a trip to Romania is the fortified town of Sighisoara, characterized by its romantic atmosphere. It is a pleasure to walk the streets of the Upper Town, where you can see the Clock Tower, the birthplace of Vlad Tepes, the Church of the Hill and the nearby Church of Biertan and the pleasant forests, meadows and lakes around the area. It also highlights the nearby Sibiu, with its beautiful medieval, baroque palaces like Brukenthal, the Franciscan Church, the House Venetian Gothic towers and several. East of Romania is the university city of Timisoara, fabulous Orthodox Cathedral, and to the northwest, Bukovina, a region dotted with monasteries of the XV and XVI are set in bucolic landscapes and magnificent frescoes preserved, like Vorone , known as the Sistine Chapel of the East.

The Romanian coast also holds pleasant surprises, since after traversing eight European countries, the Danube River ends its journey here, creating a huge delta that is divided into three main arms before joining its waters to the Dead Sea. Another of the great attractions of the coast is home to major resorts and spas who enjoy trips to Romania, is the Greco-Byzantine port of Constanta.

Romanian cuisine has influences Baltic and Hungarian. Among the most traditional dishes of burta ciorba-thick broth with beef tripe and meat, yogurt, eggs, spices, garlic, vinegar and chilli-the-mamaliga corn mash widely consumed by the peasants, the sarmales meat-balls in cabbage leaves with creamy polenta and milk-the-micis beef rolls with garlic and cumin-grilled, cu fasole Costita-bean stew with smoked pork ribs-and salata vinete-eggplant salad with peppers, olives and chilli. Among the most typical desserts are the coliva-cooked cereals with sugar and nuts-and-cake filling cozonac nuts. Regarding drinks, local beer and wine are popular and one of the proposals is Tuica a plum brandy.

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