Luxury Yacht Creole Is Made Of Wood

There are so many types of luxury yachts in the world that it is hardly a surprise when you encounter something newor in this case, very old! Meet Yacht Creole, a 1927 yacht comprised of wood!

Previously named Vira & Magic Circle, this luxury yacht certainly has a rich history, but then I would assume so dating back to 1927! Other than a long and luxurious history (current owners are the Gucci family), Creole is fairly unique in that her hull is made of wood. Yes, the superstructure is teak with steel frames with a wooden hull.

She is a wooden yacht of massive proportions, measuring a full 214.24 feet in length with 190.32 feet(of deck space. Architects Charles E. Nicholson, Giorgetti & Magrini all had a hand in her design; Nicholson on the exterior, Giorgetti & Magrini on her interior.

The dark tones of the wood are elegant, giving her an antique yet luxurious appeal that is far from outdated but rather sought after by those with a taste for historical relics. Creole is truly a luxury yacht charter and piece of art, simultaneously!

Creole is powered by 2 450 horsepower MTU diesel engines, making her a luxury motor yacht. The total engine power output for yacht Creole is 900 and she can reach speeds of 14.5 knots. Cruising speed for this yacht charter is around 10 knots and she holds 6,816 gallons of fuel and 2,483 gallons of water.

As far as passengers, this 16 crew super yacht can comfortably accommodate around 8 passengers for any given charter. Imagine the photo opportunities with the beautiful natural looking wood during your luxury yacht charter escape!

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