Multiple Storage Solutions for Your Rental Apartment

Just because you live in a rental space doesn’t mean you have to compromise with space. There are plenty of basic storage items in a different light to get organized and stay that way, even with limited space. Read on for the inventive tips to create a budget-friendly and organized apartment. The important thing to remember is that your apartment doesn’t need to be messy and you don’t have to hold on to everything forever. For the greatest apartment rental experience you will have to get your stuff organized. Not only will it keep you sane, but being organized can help keep things clean and keep bugs away.

Declutter with Style

If your closet is a disaster area, it is high time to clear everything out of the closet so the new system can be installed. Dispose of broken tools, old toys, old clothing, and other items that you no longer need. Next, you can also go with the idea of installing a temporary closet system. You will be glad to know that many inexpensive versions of closet offer some of the same hanging requirements and storage needs.

Doubling Your Space

If the space you live in is relatively small than your requirements, consider a small portable furniture items. Hanging a decorative cloth over tables creates a hidden alcove for baskets and bins. And don’t forget to store blouses, shirts, skirts, jackets, and kids’ clothes in small storage boxes under your bed. Today’s ready-to-assemble storage cubes come with mix-and-match options — cubbies, drawers, and shelves to fit your needs. And, these ready-to-assemble storage units can be reconfigured to accommodate your space needs in the future.

Make It Pet Friendly

Having pets, make sure you have plans. Perhaps keep your cats in the bathroom with the litter box, or put your dogs in a fenced in yard. Also, take care to do what you can so your pets feel comfortable in your new home (Pet Friendly Apartment). Allow them their favorite places and toys, give them attention, and don’t leave them alone for long periods of time for the first few days.

Use Every Possible Corner

Whether you have a high spacious rental apartment or a small rental apartment, it pays to make use of every inch. Even when double rods aren’t possible, you can fill the area with drawer units, shelves, or shoe cubbies. Do not forget to utilize the back of the closet door and the valuable space above the top shelf.

The above functional and fun storage tips, will help you gain some square footage. They will also help you stay calm, cool and collected while being in your new place.

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