Tool and Equipment Rental Companies and Tips

Sometimes, the job you like to do in the garden is just too big for tools you have on your hand. There are many rental stores you could go to for borrowing garden tools.

Tool and Equipment Rental Companies

Bills Tool Rental, Inc
This company provides for contractors in Southern Colorado with quality rental equipments, safety and construction supplies. The company has a large selection of rental equipment, many with photographs, descriptions and specifications. From propane and shovel to large wheel loaders, the company guarantees top supplies, equipment and the great consumer service you can get.

It has 3 headquarters in Downtown, East and North Colorado Springs, Colorado. The company is open from Monday to Saturday, from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm, and Sunday from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Airtool Equipment Rental, Inc.
This company is broad experience on equipment rental and sales. The company offers electric, hydraulic, pneumatic and manual tools for industrial contractor. The company also purchases used and surplus equipments and tools.

It has expert team that will assist you and find the best choice to suit in your needs. The company also has solution for every clients needs. The complete address of this company is #6824 Long Drive Houston, Texas. For more information regarding their equipment call them at (713) 641-3434 or fax them at (713) 641-3444. The company is open from Monday to Friday from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Jims Air Tool and Equipment Rental of Calvert, Inc
This company is serving the Southern Maryland region with quality equipment and most extensive inventories and service found in the industry. The company offers EMGLO compressor, straw blower, and pneumatics as well as power washer. It also has a wide selection of disposable items from restaurants to residential use.

The company offers party supplies and rental such as table and chairs, hotdog steamer, cotton candy machines and slushy machine. The companys complete address is #470 Solomons Island Road, Maryland. For more information call them at (410) 257-3003 or fax them at (301) 855-9039.

You could be guided by several tips on renting a garden tool. Try going to Home Depot for your first inquiries. Home Depot also beat the competitors prices by 10 percent on comparable garden equipment. Rent a garden tool by hour, week, day or month.

Rent a smaller garden tool and equipment from your local garden nursery or center. A local store usually rent anything from roto tiller to a hoe. Ask at the casher or consumer service desk.

Listen carefully on instructions about how to properly use it. There are numerous garden tools look easy or you can be familiar with the equipment in general but not in the name brand you are renting. Find out how to clean it, refuel it and use it as well as other useful tips from a rental person. It also prevents you from incurring extra charges should you accidentally break it.

Order the tools you need early or in advance. Many people rent tools every Saturday and Sunday because they only have time to do the jobs on weekends. Thus, the tools are more in demand. This could make the project difficult to complete without needed tools. Call a week before and arrange to rent a tool for specific times and dates. Come early on the morning to take the tool if they not take reservation.

Ask the store if there other fuel, equipment and safety gear needed to operate the garden tool you are renting. If the garden tool needs fuel, ask staff what type and where to get it and if the garden tool sprits up debris, ask what kind of clothes or glasses to be wear.